The Best PowerPoint Presentation College Topics

College students will vehemently approach PowerPoint presentations given to them since they’ll inevitably decide the majority of a class grade; therefore, finding the best PowerPoint presentation topics really befalls the student, what they’ve learned and what they wish to present to their classmates. With literally thousands of potential topics to choose from, we’ve broken down some popular debates which could pose as powerful PowerPoint slideshows and potentially change how classmates perceive various subjects of interest.

Current Issues

Many issues currently befuddle the political and economic portions of society which cause either ensuing debates or bad press. The following subjects could be the focus of PowerPoint presentations as they’re plausible to current problems around the world:

  • Clean Water In Africa
  • Teen Sex and Having Kids As Kids
  • Legalizing Marijuana With A License
  • The Humanity of Death Penalties In Foreign Countries
  • The Future of Technology
  • What Should Be Done About Health Care Reform
  • Will WWIII Ever Happen
  • Why Countries Pry Into Each Other’s Business
  • Cellular Radiation And Children
  • Alternatives To Texting and Driving

Abstract Ideas

Instead of asking rhetorical questions, you could turn your outlandish ideas into the most powerful PowerPoint presentation known to man. With a little research and an excellent imagination, the below topics would be perfect for any wild college class:

  • Why Has America Really Avoided The Moon?
  • How We Really Need To Launch Life On Mars
  • Will The World Ever End?
  • When Will We Really Explore Space?
  • How We Really Perceive Spirituality
  • Do Ghosts Really Exist?
  • Why Censorship Is Robbing Us Constitutionally
  • How We’ll Never Accurately Describe Death

General Category Items

If college students wish to stick with topics which everyone has talked about, this shouldn’t be frowned upon so long as the collegiate participant makes the PowerPoint presentation original and cover different angles which have been foregone before.

  • Interesting Professional Careers
  • Why Kids Use Drugs
  • How We Could Improve Parenting
  • Why Video Games Taint Our Youth
  • Putting Prophylactic Devices In Colleges
  • Reversing The Process Of Aging


Millions of topics literally have been discussed yet the issues above seem to linger around colleges the most. Since many innovations still yet to be discovered, college students write and construct PowerPoint presentations based off both unknown areas and rhetorical theories. Nonetheless, the above subjects would work perfectly in any collegiate PowerPoint platform with stunning accuracy.